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The Internet of Things

“The concept, where uniquely identifiable things can, directly or indirectly, gather, process or exchange data via the computer network”. - Wikipedia

Yoberi is a company implementing custom „tailored” orders. First, we create the architecture of the task. Then we build devices, write complex algorithms of the analysis and data processing. Our innovative devices are equipped with a dedicated firmware and management platforms.

In our work, we mainly use low emission technologies and autonomous power supply devices. Our devices have specially designed housings that fulfil necessary requirements of both the technology and the industrial design.

All the elements of the system are connected by specialised communication protocols. The solutions created by us can easily integrate with the existing applications. The system services are available through APIs and Internet services.

We provide end users with dedicated mobile applications, prepare the operating procedures and show the ways of using them.


About us

Yoberi was set up in Gdynia. In 2011, a four-member team of engineers created its first technologically advanced project. Its aim was to build a rail WiFi router that would provide the Internet to the train passengers in all conditions. We created, probably as the first people in the world, a unique device working in 8 ranges of GSM communication waves simultaneously.

Today, Yoberi is a profitable company cooperating with 80 specialists in different industry fields on permanent basis. The Internet of Things constitutes its main development area. Yoberi has its own R&D and develop software and IoT devices on its own. Yoberi’s main office in the PPNT in Gdynia.