iy7007 is a completely new concept of the assessment of the number of people present in rooms. The rapidly changing reality raises the quality of the supplied data. Besides a classical computation, our counter allows for the analysis of the users’ activities with regard to WiFi and Bluetooth services.

The main detector is the matrix enabling the creation of the digital image which after being saved can be analysed. The dedicated algorithm helps to compute the result in form of the number of people entering the room or walking past the Mucount.

The Mucount iy7007 is additionally equipped with the Bluetooth and WiFi signal detectors. The device allows for the creation of the hotspot that will provide the Internet to the devices nearby.

The Iy7007 has its own power bank that makes the proper device operation possible even in case of power outage.

The device has a yBeacon that allows for having remote control communication with the mobile devices adapted to working with the Internet of Things.


It is a platform integrating the data gathered and generated by the Mucount or any other sensors supplying data to the system. All the data is gathered on a real-time basis. It is visualised on interface screens through the dedicated dashboards.

The isensor has a set of tools and modules. They are constantly created and adjusted to work with data recipients. Clouds, APIs, applications allow for a very quick transfer of data to other systems.

The kind and quality of data gathering enables the platform modules to carry out remote (mobile) marketing activities such as “location based” ones.